Crudeforms is an online repository that presents an extensive catalogue of materials spanning the domains of architecture, history, theory, and various interdisciplinary subjects. In its truest form, it embodies a collection of raw, nascent concepts—expressed through drawings, diagrams, videos, or writing—carefully developed through research and analysis. Moreover, it houses diverse artifacts, meticulously documented or sourced from a variety of locations.

Curated in a manner reminiscent of archaeological repositories, Crudeforms aims to establish a platform for the exploration, speculation, interpretation, and discussion of facets related to the built environment within the context of human culture.


Jim Kurt Ereño is a Filipino-Canadian intern architect and collector based in Toronto. He holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto's John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. Intrinsically inquisitive, his passions intersect architecture, archaeology, and history. Beyond his architectural pursuits, he delves deeply into the meticulous tasks of collecting, documenting, researching, and preserving historical items across various mediums.

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