Design at the Intersection of Bio-Inspired Concepts and Digital Fabrication

Instructor: Dr. Mary Anne Beecher
The Elemental Plane (ED3), Fall 2012
University of Manitoba

Mitochondrion is a research-based prototype of a modular piece of furniture that is inspired by the mitochondrion, a cellular organelle that is responsible for producing and storing the organic compound adenosine triphosphate within the cell. The Mitochondrion adopts a fluid shape that mimics that of the mitochondrion, designed to function as both a shelf and a wall partition. It is partitioned into three modules, each adaptable and configurable according to the user's needs.
No Fixed Shape

The shape and form of a mitochondrion vary in response to various cellular cues. During programmed cell death (apoptosis), a mitochondrion undergoes five different shapes.