Warp & Weft
Weaving Cultural Identities
[Winnipeg, Manitoba]

Instructor: Nancy Maruca
Studio 3.2 (ED3), Winter 2013
University of Manitoba

The profound history and practice of weaving in Manitoba have undergone significant transformation with technological advancements. Traditional techniques have yielded to machines in textile production, eroding the personal and social dimensions tied to weaving due to globalization and mass manufacturing. Despite this, a dedicated few persevere in upholding this heritage. Enter Warp & Weft—a proposal for an interior space that preserves weaving's vibrancy. Serving as storage, display, and creation space for textiles, it accommodates skilled artists crafting pieces for public sale. Situated in Winnipeg's esteemed art and culture hub, it doubles as a venue for textile-related trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions, fostering collaboration among Indigenous weavers, scholars, folklore experts, and enthusiasts.
Feature Fixture

Function A: Millwork serves as storage for textiles not on display. Function B: Millwork acts as a feature wall with stored textiles.